God in the Classrom

Christian Schools Allow God In

The main difference between a private Christian boarding school and the public school system is the freedom Christian schools have to talk freely about God. In the last 20 years schools have gotten farther and farther away from allowing any mention of Deity in the public school setting. Interesting that a society that used to teach about God in the classroom and even allow prayer in school has moved so far away. Those behind the movement declare it has to be so to stay in line with separation of church and state. This is nonsense to believers in Christ and God and they know where the restrictions are really initiated. The constant beat of the Atheist drum is so loud in the ears of teens today, it makes it difficult for the youth of today to hear anything else. The false idea of “no accountability” and the untrue teaching that “this life is all there is”, can be appealing to a teen seeking self gratification.

Religious Values Taught at School

Teens are taught at school that it is OK to have sex, just use birth control. Some places allow teens to obtain birth control without their parents knowledge. At least in a Christian School the youth are exposed to religion, God, and accountability for their actions. Some homes have daily prayer, and discuss God on a regular basis, but many do not. When parents fail to take time to discuss these important things, teens are left to learn what they are taught by educators. The problem is educators may not believe the same things the parents of their students do. When the teens only hear what is explained to them by people other than their parents, they may become confused and decide to avoid the topic all together.

United States and Religion

Wikipedia has this to say about religion:

“According to recent surveys, 83 percent of Americans claim to belong to a religious denomination, 40 percent claim to attend services nearly every week or more, and 58 percent claim to pray at least weekly.A majority of Americans report that religion plays a “very important” role in their lives, a proportion unusual among developed nations.Many faiths have flourished in the United States, including both later imports spanning the country’s multicultural immigrant heritage, as well as those founded within the country; these have led the United States to become one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world.

It seems that the United States, religion, freedom to worship, and desire to worship used to all be more connected to each other. The focus now seems to be a push to assure that the minority of people (those who do not believe in God) are not offended. This may come at the expense of our children not having any exposure to God or, religion at all. This at time when God is needed more than any other time in the history of this great country. It is truly sad that the freedom to worship has been twisted so far as to disallow even the mention of God in any public setting for fear of offending a small minority of people.