What is an at-risk or troubled teen?

At Risk Teen

At risk teen is a term that is often used to describe a teen that is in danger. The risks that face the youth of today are not few in number. With pornography rampant on the internet, drugs, alcohol, and many other negative things so available to our youth today every child and teen are at risk. For a teen today access to almost any vice is at their finger tips. If you were to go to most any middle school, you would be able to find youth that could provide you with about any drug you would like. It only escalates when they reach high school. It is sad when parents say that could never happen to my child.

Every child and teen is at risk. Many of the drugs available today only take one time for the child to become hooked. Pornography is also very addictive. It would be safe to say that most any child that has access to the Internet has been exposed to images that could be harmful to them. If you suspect that your teen is at risk, you are probably right.

Troubled Teen

The term Troubled Teen encompasses a large variety of teen problems. Some parents would classify their teen as troubled if they refuse to do their chores and to do well in school. On the other end of the spectrum one parent may consider their child normal if they are failing and skipping school, and smoking marijuana on a daily basis. The type of troubled teen we typically receive calls for is somewhere in the middle. Most parents have a good idea that their teen may be in trouble, they just don’t know how bad. Most parents are also in the dark as to what typical teen behavior is and what troubled teen behavior is.

Before seeking help for a troubled teen, most parents have tried many options. Some parents will try counseling or therapy. This option will only work if your child admits he or she has a problem and would like some help. While grounding a child may work when they are young, it looses its effectiveness for an older teen. The older the child, the more difficult it is to enforce most types of discipline.