You Can’t Make Me

Christian Boarding Schools and Defiant Teens

How many parents of troubled teens are tired of hearing their child tell them, “I won’t do as you ask and you can’t make me”? Part of the problem is the public education system in an effort to prevent child abuse has created a monster in the way of disobedient youth. As soon as the youngster discovers that a call to CPS or even the threat of call gives them the upper hand, things start to spiral downward. The only recourse some parents have is to place their child in a boarding school away from home. A Christian Boarding School can help a family that has built their home on Christian values. The Bible is used on a daily basis in some Christian Boarding Schools reinforcing the teachings of the Christian youth. It may seem harsh to force a child to go to a school they really don’t want to attend. It is more difficult to watch as the child spirals downward into a life of drugs, legal problems and possibly death. Parents can become desperate when they watch the child they love disintegrate into nothing more than a pot head with no ambition for anything except their next high.

Education in a Christian Boarding School 

As in any educational setting teens in a Christian Boarding School are required to continue to do their school work. Some Christian Schools use online computer study that allows the child to move ahead and get caught up if they are behind in school. One of the largest educational resources for Christian schools is ACE. ACE is the acronym for Accelerated Christian Education. In a society that has removed God from every aspect ACE is a breathe of fresh air. They offer Bible based learning including teaching from God’s point of view. It is a good idea to verify that credits provided by ACE will be accepted by the school the child will be placed in after placement in a school that uses ACE. There are those that believe when God was taken out of the classroom and schools in general, our country began to decline. The students are bombarded with pornography, violence, and substance abuse. Schools are allowed to talk about the big bang theory as if it were factual, but can not mention God or the fact that he created the world we live in. It is no wonder that children are frustrated, confused, and angry. The teens are told by their parents to wait until they are married to have sex, and then taught in school sex education classes not only how to have sex, but where to obtain birth control devices. Some parents are fortunate enough to be able to send their children to Christian Schools just to make sure they are taught the truth, and allowed to do so in a positive environment where God is included. The remainder that do not have the resources for this type of placement continue to fight with the education system for a fair shake and equal time for Creationism. There are those that believe that the National Education Association is founded on humanism, which may explain why schools have turned their backs on religion, God and creationism. Whether you believe this or not, it is interesting to investigate what the underlying mission statement of those teaching our children really is.