Christian Boot Camps

Christian Boot Camps

Few people would associate a military boot camp with a Christian boarding school. There are a few such places in existence today, they are known as Christian Boot Camps. They have the advantage of using Christian teachings within the structure of a military setting. Christian schools are based on the principles taught in the Bible, religion is a main component of these types of schools. When a child believes in God and Jesus Christ it is easier to help them make necessary corrections in their lives. If a child has lost faith and doesn’t believe in God it doesn’t matter to them if the things they are doing goes against their former belief system. They are only interested in what will make them happy right now. It is sad to watch a Christian child self destruct rebelling against their parents and more importantly their God. There is a chance that a child may repent and return to God in a Christian environment, but the placement in a Christian Boot Camp or Christian Boarding School can not guarantee this will happen. Of course there is a better chance for them to return to God when he is presented as a way out of the trouble they are in. Which is the advantage a Christian type school can offer.

Christian Boarding Schools

Unlike the Christian Boot Camps mentioned previously the Christian Boarding School may be less structured and a little less disciplined than the boot camp. The Bible is still at the center, and is the foundation for the program, but it is usually a little less structured. There are always rules in any type of boarding environment that will help the students make appropriate choices, and stay on the right track. Both types of programs, both boot camp, and boarding school have church services on Sunday and devotionals during the week. This helps remind the students why they are there, and the importance of making wise choices. For example one can only imagine how different things might be if everyone lived the 10 Commandments. Children honoring their parents, people loving their neighbors, everyone worshiping God. The world would indeed be a different place to live. Crime would be greatly reduced possible eliminated, children would be raised with both parents, and on and on. The reality is not everyone lives by the commandments, if fact it might be fair to say there are those who don’t even know what the commandments are. The world is not a perfect place just like those of us living here are not perfect. The goal is to overcome our imperfections and become like more God.

Train Up A Child

The scriptures teach parents to “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22;6)  interesting it didn’t say force up a child, it is a very difficult path a parent walks when trying to help their child realize where they really came from and why they are here on earth. Many parents have forced their child to do what they the parents believe are the right things to do. This usually doesn’t end well with the child soon in a full rebellion, refusing not only to go to church and keep the commandments, but refusing to do anything the parents ask. It is a difficult thing for a parent to watch their child reject the teachings they have had since they were born. It is important to realize that the best way to teach a child is to love them unconditionally and provide a good example for them to follow.