Freedom of Religion or Freedom From Religion

United States and Religion

When our ancestors decided it was time to fight for religious freedom allowing them to worship who, what, and when they wanted, there was a terrible battle, many gave their lives and many everything they owned. Many patriots lost their lives fighting for this right, along with freedom from the bondage imposed by our mother country England. Since that time over two hundred years ago the right to worship is still a valuable possession to most Americans. Some people may say that placing a teen in a Christian Boarding School is taking away their freedom to not worship. This has created an interesting debate in many religious circles. Some people may say along with freedom of religion do the teens not have the freedom from religion? Both sides of the argument have some compelling points. Until a child becomes of age they are under the supervision and control of their parents as long as the child is not being abused.

You Will Believe How I Tell You To Believe

Parents can become obsessed worrying over their child who has not accepted religion or Christianity into their life. Some parents believe so strongly about their child sharing the same faith and belief system they have, they begin to force their beliefs on their child. This will rarely work, as you can’t really force anyone to believe what you believe. In an effort to do so, many well wishing parents have chased, maybe even forced, their child to hate religion. It would seem that the best way for a parent to have their child believe like they do is to live a good life and be a good example of what they believe. Children and teens can see through any attempt by parents to live contrary to their proclaimed beliefs. This is one sure way of pushing a teen away from religion and a belief in God.

I’m Going to Buy Frosted Flakes

A good example of children wanting things different than their parents is described in this example. A parent raised by parents with very little income always wanted sweetened cereal for breakfast. The sweetened cereal is more expensive so his mother was unable to provide this for him. When he leaves the nest and begins buying his own groceries he is able to by the more expensive cereal. The same principle can apply to a child forced to go to church or to do what he or she is asked in regard to religion. When young adults leave home they will either continue to do what they have seen their parents do, or they will do what they have always wanted to do. It seems contrary to the teachings in the Bible to “force” anyone to do anything. When Jesus was on the earth he never forced anyone to follow him. His life and teachings were compelling to people to the point that they wanted to be with, and be like him. As the greatest teacher that ever walked the face of the earth his example is the correct way to spread the word, and influence others to follow him. In 1 Timothy 4:12 it says “Be thou and example of the believers”. This scriptures summarizes what has been described here.