Rescuing Teens From The Streets

Life on the Streets

Every year hundreds of young people are trapped into a life of prostitution and drug abuse. The trap is set by pimps and drug dealers. Their goal is to have as many prostitutes working for them as humanly possible. They accomplish this by taking in stray teens that have found themselves on the streets with no place to go, and nothing to eat. Many times when a young person runs away they think everything will work out for them. Once the reality of life on the streets away from home hits them and they are hungry and cold and soon become vulnerable to the perceived “kindness” of a pimp.

The teen prostitute will have sex with the pimp, he will tell her that he loves her, and then give her some drugs and pretty soon the window of opportunity for her to leave gets smaller and smaller. The trapped teen begins to feel terrible about the situation they are in, they soon believe that even their parents wouldn’t want them back now. In some cases this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Most parents would love to have a chance to talk to their teen, but the pimp will continue to reiterate that their parents won’t want them back now. Along with prostitution the pimp wants the teen to have a dependency on some type of drug. With no money the teen will not be able to supply their new drug habit unless the pimp provides the drugs for them. This gives the despicable pimp a two prong hook to hold the teen with. In a matter of a few short days the teen is dependent on the pimp for food, lodging, drugs, and “love”.

There is Help

With the teen totally dependent on the pimp for their daily needs, things can seem a little helpless for both the teen and their family. There are some organizations that have developed programs to help with teens in this predicament. One State has instituted a program for young prostitutes, basically turning the arrested youth from a criminal into the victim that they really are. The teen in reality, is a victim of human trafficking, in this case teen trafficking. The teens are also abused by the pimp that has trapped the vulnerable youth. The teen will be put under a protection order, this will give the teen a chance to clear their mind and contact their parents. This option gives them the chance to hit the restart button, go back, and start over, rather than continue in the cycle of arrest and abuse they are destined for. Christian Boarding Schools US commends the State of Massachusetts for implementing this new law. This will surely impact the lives of many teens and families that have been devastated by the illegal antics of greedy pimps. To read more about this new measure follow this link. This law will require police and law officials to handle the young people totally different than they have in the past. This does not mean police have done anything wrong in the past.  This new law gives them the opportunity to get to the real perpetrator of the crimes they have been arresting the youth for.