Teaching Children to Follow Christ

Christian Parenting in the World Today

Parenting in the world today can be a real challenge. Trying to help a child discover the peace that comes from following a Gospel centered life can be difficult in today’s society. The public education system follows what is known as Humanistic belief system, If you want to see what is at the bottom of the  National Education Systems core values do some research on what they are founded on. Understanding what they are founded on will be of great help in determining why they do what they do. Here is a link to some information on Humanism. There are many articles explaining the relationship between public education and Humanism. A simple Google search on “national education system and humanism” will produce a lot of very interesting information. Many people simply don’t understand why the public schools are so adamant about teaching sex education, and the insistent on teaching about the “Big Bang Theory”, while refusing to talk about The Creation. Once it is clear that Humanism is about teaching Atheism things begin to become very clear.

Private Schools and Christianity

Some parents are so disgusted at the separation of religion from the education their children are receiving they remove their children and begin to home teach them. There are private schools that are allowed to talk about God and the fact that he created the world. The Big Bang farce is exposed as the fraud it really is, and things begin to make much more sense to children from Christian families. Parents that are unable to afford to home teach their children or place them in a private school can also make the best of the situation they are in. This can be done by helping children with homework, and staying involved their child’s entire education process. Parents can sit on school boards and attend education meetings in their community. Since the basis of the NEA is atheistic, Christian parents will need to be vigilant to see that what their child is being taught is congruent with their families belief system. A great resource for parents wanting to provide an education at home is ACE.

It is OK that other religions are discussed, children should learn and be tolerant of all religious beliefs. Parents need to make sure that their children understands the difference in an educators opinion and what their family beliefs are. Parents should read every book that a child will be using in school to make sure that their family values are not being undermined. This is not meant as a criticism of all public school teachers and administrators, many are good God fearing people that are caught working in a system they may not even understand. The majority of school teachers are very dedicated, and have heart felt desires to see their students succeed.

In summary don’t shoot (blame) the messenger, the curriculum that teachers receive come from the National Education Association. In order to establish a more Christian style education it is necessary to make changes from the top down rather than trying at a classroom level. That is why it is critical that parents review what their children are studying. Children are in school 5 days a week, how much time do parents spend teaching their children and overseeing what they are being taught?