Teen Behavior Checklist

Behavior Checklist

Does your child refuse to go to church with the family?
Has your teen found new friends and left the old ones behind?
Has your teen started smoking?
Does you teen come home drunk?
Has your teen started skipping school?
Is your teen becoming more defiant to any kind of authority?
Has your teen adopted an “I don’t care” attitude?
Do you feel you are losing your teen?
Has your child’s grades declined drastically?
Do you suspect that your teen may be sexually active?
Are your child’s old friends worried about him or her?
Has your teen been expelled from school?
Does your teen seem to be depressed?
Does your teen express feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness?
Does your teen talk about suicide?
Has your teen ever caused harm to themselves?
Do you suspect your child may be using drugs?
Are you able to have a conversation with your teen?
Does your child sneak out at night?
Has your child ever run away before?

If you feel like your teen acts out according to this list, give us a call and we may be able to help you.