Help For Adopted California Teens

Aid for Adopted Girls

Parents seeking help for their troubled teens rarely catch a break trying to find a way to pay for the help they need. One option available for some families is associated with adopted girls. If you are a parent who has adopted a girl from the state of California we may be able to help you. California has set some funds aside for girls adopted through state adoption agencies. The help we can assist with unfortunately doesn’t apply to girls adopted through private adoption agencies.

Help for Boys Adopted in California

If you are the parents of an adopted boy through the state of California you may qualify for some financial assistance toward a boarding school. California has set some funds aside for parents that are struggling with a troubled defiant teenager and the boy was adopted through the state of California. Unfortunately the help is not available for boys adopted through private adoption agencies. Please give us a call if you have an adopted son in California.

Insurance Coverage for Teen Programs

A question many parents ask when seeking help for a teen is, “will insurance cover this type of placement”? Most of the time the answer is no. There is one exception that we have had some success with, and that is Aetna Insurance. We work with a program that may be able to utilize your Aetna PPO insurance policy. The insurance will pay for part of the program giving parents time to arrange for ongoing financial obligations when the insurance runs out. In some cases all parents need is a little help to get their child in a more safe environment. The Aetna PPO option applies to both boys and girls. If you need help and have Aetna Insurance please give us a call 800 781 8081.