Families Split By Divorce

Blended Families

Divorce is a like a plague in our society today. Many young people leave marriage at the first sign of trouble. Rather than stick things out and make the marriage work, some couples just quit. The Bible speaks negatively about divorce, and it is no wonder why. The devastation that is created by divorce seems to be severely negatively affecting our young people. Some children that have watched their parents go through a divorce want nothing to do with marriage, when they come of age. It is sad that the divinely inspired union seems to be fading away. There are still couples that take their marriage vows seriously, and are committed to each other until death. These are becoming the exception rather than the rule. The term Blended Family almost seems like an oxymoron. The family is blended, but not in a positive way. Imagine the trauma a teen or young child must experience when they lose the security they once felt as a family.  Now they have a new parent in their life, and possibly some new siblings. Along with the new parent and additional family members come new rules, new house, new school, and on and on. This can leave a youngster upset even angry. Some teens are not sure who they are mad at, so they begin to be rude and mean to everyone. We are not pointing the finger of ridicule at anyone. It is difficult to make a marriage work. It would seem that at the center of every good marriage is religion and a belief in God. This doesn’t mean that religious people are immune from divorce, maybe just that successful marriages usually have God involved.

Religious Mixed Families

When families split and parents remarry or begin living with another person, problems soon begin to occur. This is especially true when someone in the family has a religious conviction. If a marriage breaks up and both parents were Baptist, and they remarry to people from other faiths this complicates things drastically. Let’s say for example, that both divorced parents are devout Christian’s and they marry someone that is Jewish, and someone that is Muslim. Where will the children go to church? Will they be baptized? Will they have any religious teaching in the home? If people are religious and believe in God they will more than likely have strong feelings about how their children are taught, and where they go to church. We are not trying to say every divorce will end in this scenario, but before deciding to leave a spouse, these types of things should be discussed. If not prior to divorce, definitely before another family a “blended family” is created. It is not always the case, but many families are broken up because one of the parents may have engaged in adultery. This is not meant to condemn that person, but simply to state that the person will need to reconcile things with God in order for his or her life to move positively forward. If a person has broken the commandments they will need to repent, not only to set an example for their children but to gain forgiveness from God. When someone is fighting feelings of guilt, they will never find true happiness, in marriage or on their own.