How Great Thou Art

Great Christian Music

How Great Thou Art is one of the best all time religious songs. It is an expression of the greatness of our Creator. There must be music in Heaven, many people believe that God created music to uplift and inspire us as we journey through this life. As in everything, Satan has an imitation form of music, which is designed to do the opposite. Some types of music degrade women, sing and rap about immorality, and deny the very existence of God. A Christian may wonder if the music isn’t uplifting or inspirational, what is it’s purpose, and where did it originate? Some believe that Satan, a liar from the beginning is involved somewhere along the way. Music that leads children and teen’s to use drugs, have sex out of marriage, and harm other people can not be inspired of God so it must be of the Devil. This may be too simplistic for some people, but not difficult at all for someone who knows what is going on in the world today.

Children and Music

With the counterfeit music so readily available in the world today parents need to pay attention what their children are listening to. Just because “everyone” is listening to music doesn’t necessarily make it OK for your children. It is good to look at the list of titles of the music on a children’s I pod or listening device of choice. If the title doesn’t indicate the type of music, parents may need to search online for the lyrics to the songs. This may be necessary as some songs are difficult to understand. It only stands to reason that if a child is listening to songs about drugs, sex, and other improper activities they will be more tempted to participate in these activities than if they weren’t listening these types of songs.

Teaching Moment

Discovering that a child is listening to inappropriate music shouldn’t bring down the wrath of the parents, but open a discussion on what types of music are good and wholesome. Even in the modern vernacular there are songs that are good and uplifting. There may be some songs that are borderline that can be agreed upon by both parents and children. Too much control is never a good thing, but parents should definitely be involved when the child or teen is listening to something that goes against the families basic values. The teen may not even be aware that what he or she is listening to is not good. There are some songs that the lyrics are difficult to understand. Growing up, there are songs that we listened to that we still may not be clear what the lyrics are. Parents should not try to be the Emperor and determine what is good music and what isn’t. Parents should work with their children to help them get a handle on what they are listening to and the ability to determine if it fits in with their personal belief system. At least they will understand that some music is just not good for them to listen to. They may also learn that music does have an influence on how we act.