Why A Christian Program?

Christian Program or Not?

Many people in the United States today are Christians. According to Wikipedia 76% claim to be Christian. It makes sense that people would want their child placed in a setting that would not undermine the families value system. This is not to say that just because a program is not Christian that employees and staff are not good Christian people. The problem is that unless a program states that it is Christian or some type of faith based program, there are limits that staff have as to what they can say and do. Most troubled teen schools provide some type of religious involvement whether it takes place on site or at a local church. Some programs will allow Bible study and possibly a minister or priest on campus to talk to the teens. The benefit of a program that is Christian based is the fact that most everything positive can be traced to a religious belief system. For example if the teens are taught to live the ten commandments the majority of reasons they are in a program will be reduced.

Christian Boot Camps

There are boot camps that are Christian based similar to the Christian Boarding Schools. They are fundamentally the same with the exception of the military component and a lot more structure. Many of the Christian Boot Camps require the students to wear military style uniforms. Christian boot camps will typically have a devotional as part of the daily and weekly schedule. The cadets are also required to attend church on Sunday’s and some have another session required during the week. Christian parents are happy to have their children exposed to religion as a part of their daily schedule. Some parents have given up trying to get their children to church or participate in family prayers. This welcome component can be a deciding factor for many parents interested in helping a wayward teen.

Accredited Christian Boarding Schools

It is good to note that there are those who seek a Christian Boarding School license to fly under the radar of state and local licensing people. The reason behind this is that some schools may not be willing to do everything that a particular state may require to receive a traditional boarding school license. These are more the exception than the rule, but caution should be used when seeking help from any program. The Internet can offer some good ideas as to the quality of, or problems a program may currently have, or have had in the past. Keep in mind there are a few websites designed to discredit, and destroy any program for troubled teens. It is sad but these websites are dedicated to closure of every program for kids that are out of control. We will not name them as we don’t want to give them any credibility, but do know that they exist. If you are considering a particular school and they appear on one of these “program hate sites”, call the program and at least hear their side of the story. If you have questions and would like help researching a particular program we would be happy to help, just give us a call. As with any program placement parents are encouraged to visit the program prior to placement.