Special Boarding Schools

Many parents searching for a Boarding School are seeking help for an out of control youth. It is difficult to find boarding schools for kindergarten through sixth grade. In many cases it may be better to try local options rather than send the child away from home. Boarding Schools for 7th grade through 12th grade are a little more plentiful.

There are literally hundreds of Boarding Schools across the country. Most of the Boarding Schools you will find in a general search, are designed to take students that are looking to excel. However, there are times when a parent is looking for a Christian boarding school that will accept a teen that does not want to be there. If this is the case we also work with many different programs that can facilitate you child.

We Can Help

We are continually looking for Boarding Schools that will accept defiant youth. The majority of schools we contact require the student to not only be willing, but they request references from previous schools and teachers. Any parent that has a defiant teen will admit to the following two things. Their teen will not willingly go to an interview at a boarding school, and the chances of them receiving a positive reference from any of their previous school teachers is slim to none. This makes the search for a boarding school difficult for most families. The choice of a boarding school narrows drastically when you have an oppositional child.
Girl Boarding Schools

Boarding schools; both traditional and specialty, are usually separated by sex into all boys or all girl boarding accommodations. This reduces your options as there are more boys’ boarding schools than girl boarding schools. The benefits of an all girl boarding school are obvious. Boys and girls act differently when they are together, than when they are separate. With the distraction of having the opposite sex out of the way, the youth will generally be able to move forward at a more rapid pace. If you have a girl in need of a boarding option, you will need to research many schools to find one that will take a girl that is defiant, and one that has an opening when you need it. We try to have a good mix of boy and girl boarding schools available for you to choose from. We spend many hours every week contacting schools across the country in search of quality programs we can recommend to you. If your daughter is in need of an all girl boarding school, please give us a call.

Types Of Programs

There are many programs for troubled teens across the country. Here is a list of program options for troubled teens.

* Boot camps for troubled teens

* Boarding schools for troubled teens

* Wilderness programs for troubled teens

* Christian boarding schools for troubled teens

* Therapeutic schools for troubled teens

* Residential treatment centers

* Specialty programs for troubled teens

* Military boarding schools